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All content are opinions and objections that were raised as part of the response to Msport planning application to Allerdale planning ref 2/2014/0350.  If you have any comment or disagreement then first realise that opinion is just that, opinion in a public planning process.  You may email factual errors to Contact @

A rural village with a medieval heritage - but an industrial estate imposed beside it

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Allerdale Local Plan

Site Allocations; Deciding what should happen and where.


Allerdale policy S35 Protecting and Enhancing Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Maintain, and where appropriate enhance, conditions for priority habitats and species identified in the

The Cumbria Biodiversity Action Plan,

Cumbria Landscape Character Toolkit (part 2)

Page 13 3.2 Page 11 2.38 2.39

This explains Landscape  character assessment is recognised as a key tool  to support the shift to the ‘all landscapes matter’  approach.  The landscape of the sheltered open space of Dovenby Hall Estate that is surrounded by a wildlife corridor of ancient woodland trees is a special if not unique landscape.  The historic settings explained in MSport's own web pages (see below) describe clearly the significant historic setting of the landscape.  The landscape would be scarred by so many new buildings and by the imposition of a totally inappropriate racing car track.

UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species and habitats

Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre at Tullie House     and

Natural England's response to planning application:

Date: 08 July 2014 Our ref: 124874 Your ref: 2/2014/0350

Natural England does not provided advice on non-statutory sites, as the proposal is affecting a County Wildlife Site, in the first instance we recommend advice be sought from Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust created with / for Cumbria & Allerdale the

Cumbria Biodiversity Action Plan

(Cumbria Biodiversity Partnership, c/o Cumbria Wildlife Trust)

The importance of Dovenby Hall estate is shown in

Allerdale Green Infrastructure Study (2011),

SEE PAGE 48 Dovenby is listed as a site of importance to Biodiversity.

Cumbria Landscape Character Assessment,

This document defines how inappropriate the development would be


Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategies,

Policy S25 Sports, Leisure and Open Space

Development proposals that will result in the loss of open space, sports and recreational facilities will not be permitted (we want to use the cricket pitch!)

Cumbria Rights of Way Improvement Plan,

Cumbria's ROWIP has a supporting strategy, called the 'Cumbria Countryside Access Strategy see document at:

Villagers had permission to go through the estate when it was a hospital, I used to go through almost every day.  A permissive path around the perimeter should be arranged as part of this plan.

View Historic Environment Technical Appendix it on the

Allerdale website (WARNING they can take a long time to load !)

Historic Environment pages 1 - 90

Historic Environment pages 91 - 150

Historic Environment pages 151 - 231

Environmental Statement (Volume III) Ecology

Ecology pages 1 - 84

Ecology pages 85 - 167

Landscape & Visual Impact

Botanical Assessment

Bat Survey Hodgson & Howard House

Bat Survey Trees Bat roost potential

Bat Survey - Tree Assessment Rev A (amended 14-11-14) (Supersedes Original)

Bat Survey my comments

Treescapes - Arboricultural Report

Woodland Management Plan

Environment Agency require 1 in 1000 year flood risk measures not the 1 in 35 year calculations in the application

Forestry Commission disagrees with loss of Planting on Ancient Woodland Species does not cause “significant harm”.  PAWS should be teated with the equal impartance of Area of Semi Natural Woodland sites document paragraph 021

In this specific case, whislt the predominant tree species are non native, there is also environmental benefit from the native woodland flora that is still present on site, which will have developed over hundreds of years.  This includes a seed bank of native tree species, some of which are trying to regenerate beneath the existing canopy of the larch trees.  The soils of such woodland are also relatively undisturbed.  

Peter Fox Woodland Officer - West Cumbria

2014 11 20 From Forestry Commission Forestry Commission objecting to loss of Ancient Woodland

2014 11 24 From Forestry Commission to Planning double replanting area recommended

2014 12 05 From Peter Fox Forestry Commission to Planning re PAWS replant twice the area

From Sara Brook Planning Officer to Forestry Commission

The area of PAWS to be removed (Compartment 8) does appear to be covered by the felling licence, but clearly the licence requires replanting, that could not be achieved fully for compartment 8 if the scheme were to go ahead.

You have confirmed that your objection still stands regardless of the licence. Thanks for this clarification.

The Standing Advice refers to the planning balance necessary for the LPA to undertake. Should the application be granted, do you have any specific comments relating to the mitigation measures proposed?

Answer from Forestry Commission Officer

If planning permission is granted, then I realise that it will override our restocking conditions in cmpt 8.In terms of potential mitigation measures, as a minimum, I would like to see the equivalent area established as new native woodland with a good range of species, but preferably twice the hectarage to compensate for the loss of ancient woodland flora, if that makes sense?

Planning Framework 14 November

Design & Access Statement Rev B (amended 14-11-14) (Supersedes Rev A).pdf

Environmental Statement Addendum (received 14-11-14)

Environment Statement (New Document)

Drainage Strategy Rev C (amended 14-11-14) (Supersedes Rev B).pdf

Noise Technical Appendix Vol III

Assessment of Community Noise Rev B (amended 14-11-14) (Supersedes Rev A).pdf

2014 11 13 From Drainage Engineer to Planning Officer Sara Brook

Letter from Sir Tony Cunningham and Bridekirk Parish Council.pdf

2014 10 21 Bridekirk Parish Council objection