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All content are opinions and objections that were raised as part of the response to Msport planning application to Allerdale planning ref 2/2014/0350.  If you have any comment or disagreement then first realise that opinion is just that, opinion in a public planning process.  You may email factual errors to Contact @

A rural village with a medieval heritage - but an industrial estate imposed beside it

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94. The Panel resolved that subject to MSL amending the application so that condition 6 would refer to the imposition of both LAmax and LAeq 1 hour controls, the decision to approve the application be delegated to the Head of Development Service. The section 96A application was so amended and on 1 October 2015 the approval of that application was granted. Accordingly, condition 6 of the permission dated 16 January 2015 now reads as follows (with tracked changes to show the alterations made to the version contained in the permission dated 16 January 2015):-

"No operational use of the test track facility shall commence until an updated Noise Management Plan (based on the principles and community noise levels set out in the Noise Management Plan Issue No 1 dated November 2014 – excluding category 1 activity which shall not be permitted)and save that the updated Plan must include maximum noise levels as provided for below, has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority and until the completion of physical testing on site in order to demonstrate compliance with the agreed Community levels.

The Noise Management Plan shall include the following:

LAeq 1 hour noise levels

Maximum noise levels measured in LAeq 5 minutes and Lamax

details of M Sport operational and management structure

details of how the Council will access a noise monitoring system at all times

details of the sounds control and monitoring control and monitoring scheme and methodology used (including consideration of maximum noise levels) to demonstrate compliance with community levels

details of the measures proposed to ensure compliance with the community noise levels including reference to hours of operation, number of days and sound levels and the type of vehicles and activity that will be permitted at the track

a detailed complaints procedure

A review of the Noise Management Plan shall take place within the first six months of the operational use of the test track facility commencing and then annually thereafter, At all times the test track facility shall operate in accordance with the most recently approved Noise Management Plan. The test track shall operate at all times in accordance with the Community noise levels as set out in the Noise Management Plan".


as amended by Development Panel Non Material amendment reference AM/2014/0350 1st October 2015

The paragraph below is text from paragraph 94 of Judicial Review.