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All content are opinions and objections that were raised as part of the response to Msport planning application to Allerdale planning ref 2/2014/0350.  If you have any comment or disagreement then first realise that opinion is just that, opinion in a public planning process.  You may email factual errors to Contact @

A rural village with a medieval heritage - but an industrial estate imposed beside it

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Dovenby History

Please send your recollection of what life was like in Dovenby.  Even the period before Msport closed Dovenby Hall grounds to villager.  Especially if you or someone remember the patients who used to walk around the village.  You may know someone who worked at the hospital so let us have their memories.

We don’t last forever and the huge changes since 1998 mean that half the villagers will not know what Dovenby used to be.  Some may not  care, but for the future generations who will wonder what happened to the old rural tranquil village, we owe it to them to record what life was like.

Please send your writing, typed, audio, photos or movies to us so we can put the memories of Dovenby villagers on our site.

Use the contact form or email contact @ dovenbyvillage . info

Dovenby Hall Msport website has a very informative page about Dovenby Hall history which can be reached from their home page.

Wikipedia page about Dovenby Hall

A professionally produced detailed appraisal of Dovenby history was done by Mott MacDonald as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the latest Msport development.

View Historic Environment Technical Appendix it on the

Allerdale website (WARNING they will take a long time to load 150 pages !)

Historic Environment pages 1 - 90

Historic Environment pages 91 - 150

Historic Environment pages 151 - 231